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Desde chica me atraen los angeles y todo lo que me enseñaron. Me encantaría tener las cartas.

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My Friend's Angel Tarot Cards

My friend has a full deck of angel tarot cards they made themselves. It's absolutely beautiful, and as a photo editor and digital artist, they did a wonderful

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The Hermit

I first fell in love with the Hermit in the Guilded Tarot. I gasped and then clutched him to my heart. The connection literally took my breath away.

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The Lovers

I relate to all the cards being us but I most relate to the Lovers and see it as me in duality and my relationship with my higher self. :)

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Nine of Swords

Once I had a tarot card and it was a nine of swords, it helped me achieve inner peace and I loved it and used it to achieve relaxation and happiness. Meditation

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