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Tarot Card Instructions: The Significator

What's a Significator? Find out in these tarot card instructions what is a significator and how to identify and use one in tarot readings.

In some tarot layouts like the Celtic Cross, there is a special position dedicated to a card that represents the querent. This card is called the Significator.

How to Read Tarot Cards with a Significator

A significator is a card that represents the querent or the present situation and choosing one can be a great help in understanding a reading.

The card can be any of the 78 card of the deck and it reflects in some way the physical or psychological characteristics of the querent: a court card often represents a person and the more abstract Major Arcana or the Pip cards can signify a situation.

Queens may represent mature women and pages younger ones, while kings can symbolize older men and knights youngsters.

The Significator can represent the age or the astrological sign of the querent or sometimes simply the Magician is chosen to represent a male character and the High Priestess for a female one.

How to Choose a Significator

In this list we simplify the traits that are traditionally linked to the card suits to help you select the appropriate tarot.

Astrological Signs

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are represented by Wands.
Earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus are correlated with Pentacles.
Water signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are symbolized by Cups.
Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are represented by Swords.


Wands can represent an enthusiastic, passionate and energetic person.
Cups symbolizes an emotional, creative and intuitive personality.
Swords is more correlated with an intellectual, rational character.
Pentacles may stand for a practical, realistic, sensible person.

Physical Traits

Light skin, blond hair, blue eyes: Wands.
Medium complexion with brown hair and green, blue or hazel eyes: Cups.
Olive complexion, light eyes and dark hair: Swords.
Dark skin tone, dark hair and eyes: Pentacles.


A Page represents a child or young woman.
A Knight stands for a young man.
A Queen embodies a mature woman.
A King symbolizes a mature man.

A Different Approach

Personally I find that all these methods are rather superficial and simplistic.

They have the disadvantage of taking out of the reading some important cards that won't be read in the spread itself.

Tarot card instructions would not be complete without this completely different technique that works well and may give additional insights to the reading.

To select a significator, just let the querant choose the card that best represents him or her.

This smart method has the advantage of providing intriguing revelations about the querent's  feelings and the way he perceives himself and furthemore help you in the tarot card interpretation.

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