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Tarot Card Accessories

Tarot card accessories will set the right atmosphere, help your concentration and enhance your tarot card reading experience. Design your own t-shirts and magnets with this free tarot art.

The most important tarot accessory for your readings is your intuition and creative thinking but some simple tools will help your concentration by setting the right ambiance and ultimately will enrich your enjoyment of tarot cards.

Rituals are a key element to get you concentrated in any activity and few simple actions will help you get in the right frame of mind for a tarot reading.

Start by lighting a scented candle or a stick of incense.
Since antiquity, burning scents was a way to get in touch with the gods. In fact the word per fumum comes from the Latin "through smoke" as incense was used from the beginning of civilization to start religious ceremonies.

Choose the tarot deck that better suits your mood and the purpose of the reading. Let your instinct guide you and select the cards with images that speak to you. Often beginners find the Rider-Waite tarot deck pleasant and easy to use.

Then place your favorite tarot cloth on the table. The habit of using a special cloth for this purpose will make this moment special, protect the cards from any rough surface and frame them beautifully, helping your focus.

Do you find difficult to remember the position of the cards in the Celtic cross tarot reading? Use this inspiring tarot spread sheet to take your mind away from the technicalities of the spread and concentrate on the card interpretation.

At the end of each reading, thank silently your cards for their guidance and guard them safely in a tarot bag then put them away from unwanted attention in a special box.

Do you like to keep a special card close to you? Use tarot jewelry to remind you during your daily activities of the message of a special card.

Would you like to create your own stickers, magnets, boxes, bags or t-shirts for yourself or for your favorite tarot reader?

Use these exclusive images below to make your own tarot card accessories with special magnet kits or t-shirts transfers.

Have fun!

Stay calm and read tarot

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