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Tarot Ace of Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles Meanings

Tarot ace of swords, cups, wands and pentacles meaning, description, pictures and reversed cards interpretation.

Meaning of the Aces


New beginning, energy, creativity.

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Aces

Each Ace is the seed of the following cards of its suit.

The tarot ace of swords, cups, wands and pentacles represent the beginning of a new cycle, and each signifies a different kind of energy. These are dynamic cards, they herald creativity, vitality and initiative, new opportunities.

One, in numerology, represents the conscious mind and is associated with the virile attitudes of confidence and practical abilities.

In the Major Arcana the Aces correspond to the Magician tarot card.

Tarot Ace of Swords


Mental power and strength. Discipline. Rationality. Fresh ideas.

Tarot Ace of Swords Meaning

The tarot ace of Swords represents mental strength and intellectual power, it heralds success where logical thought is important.

You have the strength to overcome the adversities that show at the beginning of a new venture. You may have to bring in court a conflict that can’t be resolved in any other way.

Tarot Ace of Swords Reversed 

Clouded thinking. Obstacles. Hollow victory. An excessive use of power may be indicated by this reversed card.

Quarrels disturb your ability to think clearly and you may be suffer of mental stress.

Ace of Cups


Love and nurturing. Creativity. Childbirth. Marriage and romance.

Tarot Card Definitions

You can expect a new beginning of your love life either with a new partner or entering a new phase is a preexisting relationship.

This card marks a period of intense creativity. A child may be conceived or be born.

In your work, not only you conceive new ideas but you are able to nurture them and bring your projects to completion.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Loneliness, broken hearts.

The reversed cup is empty and you are experiencing a moment of emotional difficulty.

You may feel empty, wasted and unable to express your creativity.

Ace of Wands


Energy and creativity.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card often relates to new career opportunities. You might be starting a new business or a new project.

You are full of ideas for your work or you may discover a new interest that opens an unexpected world of opportunities.

You are creative and this may even be expressed in physical fertility with a pregnancy or child birth.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Delays and unproductive attempts. False starts. Infertility, abortion. Frustration and unfulfilled promises.

A promise or an interesting projects fails to materialize or suffers a delay.

You may feel impatient and frustrated.

If the question refers to your emotional life, there may be a difficulty in expressing your feelings or you may experience sexual problems like frigidity, impotence or infertility.

Ace of Pentacles


Prosperity and abundance. Comfort. Sensual enjoyment. Helping hand, comfort, abundance, prosperity, material achievement, energy, beginning of a successful venture, financial gains, fertility, good health.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The Ace of Coins is linked with the first chakra, related to comfort and well-being. This card should be an inspiration for taking care of ourselves and our health, our most precious resource, with proper nutrition, exercise and healthy living. It reminds us of the importance of creating a comfortable and nurturing environment where we can flourish.

The Ace of Coins represents an abundance of resources, may they be money, time, care or any raw material.

A financial enterprise will lead to material security and eventually to prosperity, money will be at hand and your hard work will be compensated.

In a romantic relationship, this card heralds a stable relationship and promises sensual fulfillment.

The Rider Waite deck shows in this card a pentacle offered by a hand emerging from a cloud over a well tended garden. The image symbolizes tangible potentials and opportunities offered by the Earth.

It is a good time to start a business venture or a financial enterprise. Money is on the way, it will reward your hard work and efforts. You can also count on unexpected gifts or gambling gains.

The Ace of Pentacles may also refer to a particularly productive period of your life when you can easily express your creativity.

If your question was about romance, this card promises sexual fulfillment and sensual pleasures.

Your health will improve and you can count on well-being.

This card encourage us to use our skills and determination to make the most of our gift. This tarot suggests that success and fulfillment are within our reach if we are willing to make an effort and use our resources gratefully.

The Ace of Pentacles heralds a change, it may involve a new job, a new home  or the acquiring of new skills to adapt to new circumstances.

Beware of falling into the trap of considering your gifs a given or just too mundane to be worthy. Don't miss a great opportunity! 


Hard workers, dancers, athletes, helpers.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions


Financial instability, delayed gain, material loss, insecurity, greed, failed venture.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The Ace of Pentacles reversed can symbolize the greed that can corrupt the enjoyment of material wealth.

It ca also represent poor planning and a failure to reach one's financial goals. Something is going wrong and the expected results are delayed or just fail to materialize.

Selfishness, over dependence on people or comforts, the inability to leave our securities behind to grow and learn, are the things this tarot card warns us about.

Quickly earned money may be spent with even greater rapidity. The financial foundations of you enterprise are not as solid as you thought. This card may also indicate greed, excessive materialism or corruption.


Misers, insecure people, greedy characters.

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