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The Strength Tarot Card

Find out The Strength tarot card meaning. Discover in this page a simple tarot card interpretation of this fascinating card.

Tarot Symbolism

The Strength card shows a fearless women in the act of opening a lion’s mouth.

On her head is the figure of eight as symbol of eternity.

The lion actually seems to have completely and willingly surrendered to a superior force, he looks completely subdued by the woman’s inner power.

The woman represents the conscious mind that is able, with courage and confidence, to conquer the most primitive animal instincts.

This image is the representation of our controlling mind in the process of taming our basic impulses that may slow down our progress and spiritual growth.

Tarot Meanings


Inner strength, honesty, loyalty and reliability. Self-confidence and discipline. Courage. Energy. Action. Recovery after an illness.

Tarot Card Interpretation

To solve a difficult situation you must rely on your inner strength that comes from a brave and generous heart.

You are confident and have the courage of your convictions, this makes you extremely powerful and strong.

You are able to confront any menacing beast with calm, patience, strength and optimism.

Someone generous might embrace your cause and will fight on your behalf or help you with generosity.

The lion can also represent an affectionate animal entering your life. Looking after a pet has a relaxing effect on most people and an animal presence in your life can bring the sort of unconditional love represented in The Strength tarot card.

In a relationship this card suggests that there is love despite some momentary difficulties. Keep your heart open, it is time to forget and forgive, a reconciliation is still possible.

If your question is about health, you can expect healing and a surge of renewed strength.


Courageous, calm people. An athlete. An animal tamer. A fair judge or a mediator.

The Strength Tarot Card Reversed


Fear, insecurity, weakness. Illness. Self-doubt and lack of confidence.

Tarot Card Interpretation

You may feel vulnerable and you lost faith in what you are doing. Your goals are fading and you are losing focus.

Self-doubt is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Maybe you need to confront your inner demons, grab them by their horns and subdue them with renewed strength.

Sometimes this card reversed means physical weakness or an incoming illness.


Sick or dependent people. Someone controlled by lust and unchecked desires.

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