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Soulmate or Not?

It has been a couple of years now and I decided I wanted to be single.

I met men here and there but in my gut none of these guys ever felt right so I made the final decision to keep to myself and be single without a love life.

Yes, I was lonely when I saw other couples and longed to feel a special spark, I often thought "love should find you" but how would it find me if I was closed off from everyone.

One day my sister said another coworker of hers had a son whom they wanted to set up with me on a blind date.

Now, I've never been on a blind date nor would I ever go, so I thought maybe this is fate maybe this is love finding me. So I agreed to the blind date, upon going on this date I met Robert.

At first it was a little nerve wrecking as I knew nothing about him. We got to talking at dinner and we hit it off.

He was crazy about me, said he felt something special and I won't lie, there was a spark in me I had never felt. I knew instantly he was my soulmate. In no time he asked me to be his girlfriend and I excitedly agreed. I knew we had a great journey ahead of us.

Two weeks into it he starts to pull away and I begin to get confused, I ask for signs that he's the one I'm meant for and I get them so I know he's my soulmate but after a few days he calls less and less and says he has a demanding job but that he would get back to me as soon as he could.

Well, 5 days pass and I hear nothing, so I text him asking if we are done so I can move on and not wait, he of course doesn't answer my question so I'm stuck in limbo.

Do I move on from someone I know is supposed to be my soulmate or do I stay and wait patiently? I'm torn about the whole situation as I never wait on anyone nor do I give up.

I just want to know if what I feel is right, is he my soulmate? I want him out, should I give up and walk away from something we both felt was special.

I cannot ask him anymore as I want to be understanding about his job but I'm torn. I need answers either from heaven, fate, destiny!!


Five of Cups
You have suffered a disappointment and you feel abandoned. It is time to reassess your emotional priorities

High Priestess
Listen to your inner voice and trust your feelings. Be self-reliant.

Page of Wands
Your energy and optimism will save the day. New opportunities and good news are on the way.

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Sep 03, 2015
Reading for SM or N
by: Christine

Hello SM or N,

I drew these cards for your situation.

I asked the question, what should SM or N know about this situation?

4 of Swords- This card indicates his retreat from you. His feelings for you led to his retreat into himself. This retreat has more to do with him than with you. It looks like he is dealing with some emotional issues right now and needs to retreat to meditate upon them. You should give him this space. If he wants to return to you, he will of his own accord.

Page of Swords- Perhaps he is not ready for such intense feelings. What you should do is keep on asking for signs from the universe, and eventually you will get an answer about him. But instead of asking the same questions, you should think of some other questions to ask. The answer will come in the form of an epiphany that will settle your mind on this situation once and for all.

8 of Pentacles- This card shows him focusing on his work. So he is telling you the truth at least partly about having to focus on work. But perhaps it is just a surface excuse? And he is dealing with some emotional issues deep down inside.

End Result

Five of Rods- This card indicates that while he might be your soulmate, it also reminds you that you have many soulmates that you will meet in this lifetime. Meditate upon why you may have attracted this situation into your life, and you will either change this situation or attract some one completely different into your life next time.

Hope my reading has been helpful to you. Any feedback that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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