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I met Raj on my first day in office. Fresh out of college I was assigned into a project in which Raj was my senior. We used to sit together where he used to tell me the workaround. We eventually started dating after office and came real close. We realized that eventually we had fallen into love and now we cannot even imagine a life without each other.

But my family is completely against my marrying him. I belong from a family where love marriage is a taboo and no one ever dared to listen to his/her heart. They told me that if I marry him they would break all their ties with me. They did not even met Raj once. Raj wants me to run away with me but being the only daughter of my parents I feel apprehensive.

What should I do?

P.S.: Raj loves me a lot. He can do anything for me, I know and he had proved it too. I don't want to leave him but I love my family too.

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Sep 02, 2015
Answer to Simran
by: Christine

Hello Simran,

I had to rephrase your question to- "Should Simran marry Raj, despite the objections of her family?"

The first card that I drew is 2 of Wands- Source tells me that you should marry Raj. If you decide to run off with him, you will be strong with him by yourself. It will be the beginning of your new life with him. You both will look to the future.

The second card that I drew for you is 7 of Cups. This means that you and Raj should look at all your options as to how you and him want to start your new life together. What you should do about your family's rejection of Raj? Where you should live? How should you reconcile with your family, etc.?

The third card that I drew is The Devil. This tells me that your family will react with negativity to your marriage, engagement, or plan to run off with Raj. Do not tell them ahead of time. They might try to restrain you, so please be careful of this.

Hopefully this reading has helped you and Raj.

Good luck to you both.


Feb 23, 2015
Run, Baby Run!
by: Zandra

I picked a card for you from my most loved tarot deck and it was Four of Wands!

This card means celebration, marriage, stability, foundation and a committed relationship.

Follow your heart, you won't have regrets!

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