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Robin Wood Tarot Deck

The Robin Wood tarot deck offers vibrant imagery that will appeal to the pagan and Wiccan enthusiast.

Robin Wood tarot deck: the Knight of Wands

Fruit of ten years of work, these tarot cards, clearly inspired by the classic Raider Waite tarot deck, were published in 1991 by Llewellyn.

Most images of the Robin Wood tarot deck reflect the symbolism of the classic Rider Waite cards with the addition of some original, pagan and nature inspired interpretation.

The artwork shows a fastidious work of research and an accurate design.
The pictures are done in pen and ink with precise detail and brilliant colors.

All the 78 cards show pictures that simplify the meaning of the specific card, making it easy, also for beginners, to interpret the card meaning.

Robin Wood tarot deck: the Magician

In the best Pamela Coleman Smith's style, the Minor Arcana pictures represent full scenes that incorporate the correct number of suit symbols in each card.

The imagery is energetic and vital, the colors are striking and the pictures are inspired by nature in a realistic and modern style.

I especially like The Magician card representing a confident and  competent, young man officiating a ritual, the head covered with a deer skin.

This last detail gives the image a feeling of spiritual communion with the world of nature, wildlife and its rhythms.

The cards have a good size, they are easy to handle and shuffle. They are made of durable material.

robin Wood tarot deck: the Tower

I appreciate the detail of the artwork and without any doubt there is a lot of artistry in these images.

It could be the perfect deck.

Nevertheless, I find that too many naturalistic details detract from the magic atmosphere that other older and maybe less artistically perfect tarot decks, possess.

It seems that when everything is explained with too much detail and perfect features, my imagination slacks and looses interest.

The perfect dish served on a silver plate can be less satisfying then a simple meal seasoned only with a healthy appetite.

Sometimes ancient and rough images that leave room for mystery and imagination are more stimulating for the creativity than modern, more perfect pictures. 

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