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Yes, you read it right you can have a real tarot reading done by a real person (me) right here and it is free!

No automated readers, no apps to download, no sign in required, no tricks or gimmicks, just a genuine, human generated, real card reading.

How to Get your Real Tarot Reading

It's easy to get a tarot reading!

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a user-friendly form. You just have to enter a pen name, your story and one question you would like to ask the tarot.

I strongly suggest you enter a pen name to safeguard your privacy and to easily find your reading on the page.

First tell us your story. Brush up your best writing skills and make your story as interesting and captivating as you can because only the best stories will receive a reading.

Then think about one, meaningful question you would like to ask the tarot cards. 

This can be a tricky step, and if you need help with this apparently simple task have a look at this page.

Think carefully about the question you would like to ask because formulating a smart question is the key to a gratifying tarot reading.

Avoid all questions starting with when or where: tarots more often than not do not offer an answer to a specific time and place frame but sometimes they give a hint of an important change you would have to operate before an event occurs in your life. 

I am often asked questions like “When will I meet my soulmate?” or “When shall I find a new job?”.

I find that this approach to tarot takes away power from the the person asking the question. It encourages a passive attitude because the querent assumes that waiting will be enough to reach his or her goals.

If you (like me) don’t believe the future is written in stone for you, it would be more productive to rephrase those questions asking which will be the changes you can introduce in your life that will lead to the desired outcome.

For example it would be more constructive to ask “What will help me find a new job?” or “How can I get ready to meet a new love?” 

These kind of questions empower the querent and help gain a positive attitude toward life challenges.

Also questions that require a Yes/No answer are not very helpful because the answer would necessarily lack of any depth and analysis of the problem. 

Finding the time to sit down and write your story not only will allow me to give you an accurate reading, it will also help you consider your situation and organise your thoughts, an essential part of any significant tarot reading.

Your tarot reading is not computer generated but a real tarot reading, performed with actual cards.

So, savor the moment, take your time to write your story and formulate the question then give yourself the luxury to meditate on the your reading.

If you like, you can opt in to receive a notification when your page is published.

Enter your story and question in the form below and, if your entry qualifies, soon your reading will appear on this pages.

Are you ready with your story and question? Enter them here!

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