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Reading for Petra

I had a girlfriend for 16 yrs. We have a very good relationship, we help each other with our problems, we share our blessings, we are always together everyday, we are soulmate and we feel the same way our feeling is mutual in other words. I went here in US on our tenth year. I lived for a short time with her parents here in US. We communicate each other everyday thru skype, facebook. We really miss each other and we are hoping that we can be together someday when her petition is approved by her parents. I got a job here and I send her money cause she has a lot of expenses there. Her parents can hardly provide her so I give some aid. Then lately I didn’t know that her parents is not supporting her anymore and at the same time I was laid off from my job so I cannot support her regularly. She got a big problem since then and think where to get money for her bills, tuition fees of her daughter, etc. Then last year before Christmas she send me a message telling me that she wants to be alone. So I called her and I was crying, I noticed that she's mad, angry, she said forget me, find another girl, I want to live by my own. She's mad because she feels that she was neglected by her parents and by me too. She said she doesn't want to talk to anybody even to her Dad, her family here in US. I tried to call her on Christmas day she doesn't want to talk to me she send me a message through facebook telling me that she doesn't love me anymore, stop bothering me!I felt so much hurt that day. She's very angry, angry that she felt that she has all the problems in the world! I promise her that I will still help her no matter what I'll take care of you, she said no! But I send her some money and I will so that she wont do anything bad and if she has money her problems will be lessen. I send her money through her daughter. Is there any chance that we can be reunited again?it's been a month since our breakup.


King of Wands
Change is around the corner. Your confidence and enthusiasm are your main assets.

The Sun
Sunshine is entering your life. It is time for hope and celebration.

Queen of Pentacles
Someone seems to be more concerned about appearances that about what is really important.

Seven of Swords
You feet stuck and unable to move in any direction.

Wheel of Fortune
But a turn of fortune will change the situation.

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