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Queen of Pentacles

I was first introduced to tarot cards when I was forced to read the book "Down River" by John Hart in the 7th grade. It was part of our required reading material, and though I thought it was an okay book, what I really enjoyed was reading about the character Star.

Star is this misunderstood character shrouded in mystery. She derives her name from the suit of the tarot cards she prizes so highly. Since no one in the book really knows her, she can be whoever she wants to be, not the homeless person that she really is.

Tarot cards are Star's most prized possession, and this is the fact that really got me interested in them. It doesn't matter if you believe in anything else; if you just believe in the magic of tarot cards, you believe in the mystery of life.

In honor of Star, my favorite card has always been the queen of stars, or pentacles. Star was really the Star of her own life, and through her belief in the unknown, she ended up with a family to call her own.

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