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Printable Tarot Deck: Queen of Wands

by Carissa Trautman
(Portland, OR, USA)

Many know Taurus is associated with the Heirophant but I feel I identify with cards other than that one.

I am the Queen of Wands. I know this because I have read Papus' Tarot of the Bohemians.

In a specific diagram within that book my birthday, May 2nd is associated with the queen of cups as well as the 5 of wands card.

I take this to mean that I will have a life successful in business, It says I am a fiery woman willing to go for what I want.

The Queen of Wands has been depicted as having a black cat at the base of her throne, I have owned 2 cats in my life, both of them were black.

Because the 5 of wands is also associated with my birthday, I feel that I will be bound to a life of competition which can either help or hurt people's ability to achieve their full potential.

Before reading this book I always associated my boyfriend with the King of Cups. I came to realize that his birthday, June 19th falls under King of Cups.


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