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The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool tarot card represents the sacred child or the holy idiot protected by his innocence. The tarot card meaning of this card is the beginning of a journey. Tarot Symbolism This card depicts an androgynous figure just about to step off a cliff. The Fool is often accompanied by a small dog that is …

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The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot Card is mysterious and fascinating. Discover the tarot card interpretation of this disquieting image.The moon in many cultures is associated with the female principle and therefore with fertility, imagination, dreams, and intuition. Tarot Moon Card Symbolism In this unusual image, the moon is in the sky, illuminating a surreal scene with two …

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I found this deck in a free book pile, so I guess you could say it found me. I love the expressiveness of the pips!

Tarot Fiesta!

Tarot Fiesta: how to organize your own tarot party. And don’t forget to share your pictures to receive an antique Italian tarot deck to download! Great Activities for Your Tarot Party One on One Card Reading You can offer your guests a tarot reading. My recommendation is to keep it short and sweet because probably …

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Tarot Dictionary

Check out the tarot dictionary if you are confused about tarot terms. Significator, archetype, reversals, querent, arcana, are you getting lost in tarot lingo? Find a definition of these words in our basic tarot dictionary. Tarot Dictionary – Common Terms in Alphabetical Order Archetypes In Jungian psychology, archetypes are defined as a primitive mental image …

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