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Page Tarot Cards

Find out the page tarot cards meaning, interpretation and description in an easy to remember format.

The Page Tarot Cards in a Nutshell


A messenger. Important news. Children and young people. New situations and movement.

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Pages

The court cards often represent the people in your life. Pages symbolize young or immature people of either sex, they often appear in a reading when you ask a question about a child.

These cards suggest that you can expect some important news or communication soon.

Meaning of Each Page Tarot Card

Tarot Page of Wands


Creativity. Good news. A messenger with good news.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card has a positive meaning. It can represent a lively youth or a surge of energy and creativity.

You feel optimistic and a much expected call or opportunity will occur soon.

You can expect social gatherings, short trips and lively conversations.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

A prima donna. Someone undependable. A hyperactive child.

An unstable situation is affecting a young person. Someone around you is acting immaturely and draining your energies.

Tarot Page of Pentacles


A student. Education. Patience. Small financial improvements.

Tarot Card Definitions

When this card represents a person, it can symbolize a steady, reliable youth. In an abstract sense, the Page of Pentacles can stand for a small financial gain or an opportunity for a new business venture.

There is a need of diligence with written communications. Read fine prints careful and do your homework before you sign a contract.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Shy children. A problem youth. A moody person. A small money loss. Unexpected expenses.

A child might experience social difficulties.

Tarot Page of Swords


Quick decisions. Sharp intelligence. Quick thinking.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card can represent a smart, young person. In a general sense, the Page of Swords signifies news and communications like rumors or gossip.

You may find yourself in a situation where you have to use your discretion, diplomacy and quick responses.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Malice. Gossip. Verbal attack. A malicious person may be using underhand methods against you. Promises may be broken. A shady character may use lies to damage others. 

Tarot Page of Cups


An affectionate, sensitive child. A gentle, loving youth. Emotional re-birth.

Tarot Card Definitions

The Page of Cups may herald some happy, emotional news like a birth, a wedding or an engagement.

You are entering a period of creativity and intuition when emotions take an important part in your life. You may start a new relationship or renew an important emotional tie. 

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

A capricious, spoiled child. A frivolous youth. This card reversed suggests a lack of coherent thinking. A spoiled child or and addict are wasting your time and energies.

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