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One Card Tarot: How and Why 

How to use the one card tarot method for answers and focus.

I suggest two ways to use the one card tarot.

First Method: One Card Tarot Spread

This simple yet powerful reading spread, can be used for any kind of question and is a great way to focus on an important matter.

It can turn out to be surprisingly helpful and to the point if you are able to formulate a candid and straightforward query.

How to Pick a Card

Here is how it works. Thinking about your question, in a meditative state of mind, shuffle the cards and pick one. It can be the first card of the deck or you can fan out the deck, face down and draw a random one.

Take in the imagery of the card and study it. Note the number, the characters on the card, the colours, the symbols and the scene. 

What feelings do they suggest? What is happening in the scene? How would you describe the picture? 

Let your imagination work and only after you have examined the feeling and thoughts the card evokes in you, check the current meaning on my website or a tarot book. 

Remember, the description is only meant to stimulate your intuition and not to prove you right or wrong.

How to Ask the Right Question

Keep your question simple and to the point. Here are some examples of good questions to ask to the one card tarot.

What should I know right now?

What is the essence of my situation now?

What should be my focus in my actions in this specific circumstance?

What is blocking me in this matter?

The one card tarot didn't give enough information? Once you have taken in the meaning of the card, if you need more information then one card can provide, draw a clarification card to add a deeper dimension to the reading.

Second Method: Choose a Tarot Card for the Day

Deliberately choosing one card each day is a great way to learn the meaning of each card, establish a connection with the tarot, set a base for an intuitive tarot knowledge.

How to Choose Your Card

It’s an excellent practice to pick your card just after waking up. 

At this stage our dreams are still vivid in our mind and we feel a connection with our unconscious. This way your choice will be better connected to your deeper thoughts.

Choose your card deliberately, it will set the mood of the day, it will turn out to be a powerful ally and might even give a great impulse to change and progress in your daily life.

Note your feelings, did you wake up from a lovely dream or was it a a relief to wake up from a nightmare? Are you feeling active and energetic or tired out, sleepy and groggy?

Now, shuffle the deck while thinking about the day to come. Visualise the most important part of your day, what you would like to happen or what you would like to focus on. 

You can choose a tarot that represents yourself or one that stands for someone else. Pick a card that illustrate an activity, a message, a reminder or an ally.

Write in a note book your impressions of the card, your feelings and an affirmation that will guide your day.

The card can have a relation to what you expect to be the most relevant event of the day. 

For example, if you have a date, you can choose the Empress or the Lovers. 

If you have a work meeting scheduled, select the Magician or the Ace of Wands to draw from their energy. 

Are you in need of directing your resources? Choose the Chariot or the Temperance.  A touch of good luck is required? Opt for the Wheel of Fortune or the Three of Wands. 

Are you suffering the winter blues? Pick the Sun to energise and warm you up.

Carry the card with you in your bag or pocket. Place it on your desk, kitchen, car or wherever your day will take you and let its energy help you in your activities.

In the evening go back to your note book and enter your thoughts about the events of the day in relation of the card you chose. 

Did it help you visualise a positive turn out? Did it assist you overcome a troubled or stressful moment? 

This practice not only will help you during your day but it will also assist you in mastering the meaning of tarot cards and grasp an intuitive knowledge of their meaning.

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