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(Manila , Philippines )

I'd like to share my super favorite angel story of all time!
A few years ago, I drove to a nearby church , the Chapel of Mt. Carmel in Quezon City, Philippines.

As I prayed, I heard a voice tell me to go home. NOW! it said. I was filled with anxiety , thinking maybe some disaster happened at home, and that no one could reach me. So, hurriedly , I got up and started up the car.

I took my usual route, but encountered some "traffic". It was a side-street, and the cars were piling up. The car in front of me, it so happened, was moving very oddly. It went very slowly, annoying me! Remember, I had to get home, quick. The last straw was...the car stopped in the middle of the road ! SHEESH!

I was so mad that I prepared to honk really loudly. But before I could do so, the door of the car opened, and out jumped, hurriedly, one of the hottest young male movie actors that year.

What a pleasant surprise! And to top it off, he started taking his shirt off, in front of me!

His nice body had me smiling in no time. Then, he WINKED at me! I felt like i was the luckiest guy alive!

So THAT's why my angels told me to go home, NOW! I guess they felt I needed something to cheer me up !

Thank you thank you angels !

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