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My Feathers

by Neelam Sahu
(Lucknow, india)

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

After the death of my husband I was devastated and lost so I asked for help and it came in the form of a message in a dream. I had to write poems.

I began writing and mostly the inspiration came at 3:00 am. I published the collection of my poems. My journey continued. I began writing about the nature, the sea, the fairies, merman.

That brought me to seeing numbers in dreams. I searched further. They were angel numbers. Archangel Michael visited me in dreams to help me sleep peacefully. I began Reiki healing. Later I became a Reiki grandmaster. I find feathers each day when I go out or in my bedroom. I know angels are protecting me. I work with archangel Michael during healing session and during Tarot readings. He is my everything now.

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