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My Beautiful Guardian Angel

by Gert
(The Netherlands)

A little more than 25 years ago , I was walking from the train station to the shopping center.

In one of the streets up center there was a little market going on. There were a couple of different stands. But my eyes were caught by a stand that sold all kinds of beautiful gemstones.

I was looking at all these beautiful stones , checking if there would be one that especially attracted me. Then the owner of the stand walked up to me, saying: "Sir, may I be so free to tell you that you have a very beautiful guardian angel with you? I felt I had to tell you this. You won't have to worry too much, because you'll be ok and you'll be able to lead a very balanced, joyful life ."

I was quite surprised , my life at that moment was far from balanced and overall I wasn't that happy , but what he said about my guardian angel really intrigued me. I wasn't into the christian message at all.

I'd read a children's bible as a kid and I loved the stories in it but by the age of 14 I'd decided Christianity just wasn't my thing.

I've always felt a strong connection to Jesus, still do. But to me he's far different as the descriptions from him I found in the church.

But, well, angels were so strongly connected to the christian message for me, there was always a certain resistance to believing in them, but in the background there was this undeniable fascination.

Beginning this year I received my certification as a Reiki Master and of course I became aware of the many angel reiki systems.

I felt the"pull" getting stronger , while the resistance was also still there. I decided I wanted to get attuned into at least one of the angel systems.

Being an investigator by nature I felt I had to investigate this resistance and see what would happen.

What happened was quite overwhelming! The energies I experienced during and after my attunement were so filled with exstactic joy and feelings of love and at that moment there was such a recognition.

I knew the angels had always been around, I just wasn't consciously aware that these energies were actually the presence of the angels. And the energies hadn't been this strong before either!

The teacher that initiated me into the angel system asked me if by any chance I did receive a message from the angels. I told her I wasn't sure but I clearly got a name, sounding in my head but it was the name of a character in a book, and the book had such an incredibly beautiful and strong opening sentence that I never forgot it.

The book is Moby Dick, which I actually never finished :)

It starts with: "My name is Ismael" This was what I heard in my head and I thought it's probably just because I love this sentence so much, it coincidentally came up in my head in that moment.

My teacher told me she got a very clear message during the attunement .

It was "Isamuel" , being the name of my Guardian Angel :) What's in a name ? :)

I agree with the others , it's the card decks by Doreen Virtue that I like the best.

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