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My Angels

by Crista Schultz
(Fond du Lac, WI, USA)

Hi there,

My name is Crista and I am 25. I have always thought that I am spiritually inclined. Well a month over 2 years ago my husband of 5 months died.

When this happened I just didn't know where to turn or how to get through anything. My aunt actually has accepted her purpose and her angels. She does readings for others and did one for me.

It wasn't just a reading she sat me down and for hours we talked about the angels.

She explained different angels and spirits and the like. Since then I have felt more open to it all. Something has been happening lately and I talked to her and opened up about the strange occurrences.

She informed me that it is spirits trying to get a hold of me. She has informed me that the energy around me is shifting as I am opening up to it all and accepting what could happen.

She has used about 3 different decks with me and the ones that always stand out the most with me are the Archangel cards.

I feel like I would like some guidance of my own instead of going to my aunt all the time.

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