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My Angel

by Marilynn
(Lumby, BC Canada)

In 1997 my father, who had been having strokes, seemed to be getting better. However, one evening after work when I was getting changed in my room I saw a sparkling light that seemed to be coming out of the wall. The light expanded and quickly rose to the ceiling where it expanded into the image of an angel. I fell back on the bed. Although I was unable to move I felt no fear. The angel shone in bright gold and mauve colours and a single letter emblem showed on it's chest in 3D. I heard no words but receive a telepathic message that said my father would soon pass away, but this was meant to be and everything would be alright.

I had no experience with angels at that time, but I was intrigued by the symbol that had shown so vividly on the angels chest. It took about 3 years, but I eventually tracked down the symbol and it was the letter Shin, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. I was stunned by this as I was raised a Baptist and had no experience with the Jewish religion or alphabet. More research told me that it is associated with the archangel Michael.

Shortly after I saw the angel, my father did pass away. Although it was sad things did work out in the end.

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