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My Angel Healed Me

by Macyong

Last year, my hand had suddenly started to have break outs like pimples and pus with serious skin peelings. I was refered to many doctors (dermalogist). Even consulted the president of dermalogist in the country for 6 months, however my hand condition did not get better nor can the specialist doctor tell me what was wrong.

As last resort, my parents taught me to meditate and pray. That lead me to experience the true beauty and power my Angel has. With His guidance and prayers, my angel had healed my hand that no doctors can heal by medication. He merely taught me how to pray and medicate myself with the most common plant found in my backyard.

This is no coincident and i would like to communicate and sort his guidance more. I am hoping your deck of Angel Tarot will be just as it called a communication channel between my angel and I.

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