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by Liz
(Berkeley, California, USA)

Upon meditating on the Archangel Michael by focusing my view on an Colonial style oil painting that I brought from Peru of his image, I begun to sense some sort of voice, as if it were telepathic, inside my head or maybe right next to my ear, repeating my name lovingly.

I felt subsumed by this sense of love and acceptance running through my body. I remained listening with my eyes closed, when I opened my eyes the voice stayed there repeating my name.

I felt flashes of energy shooting outward, flowing from my chest to outward images of loved ones, as if I were sending them love emanating from within me.

I think that I was able to make a connection with this Archangel. I asked this voice questions which were answered telepathically. Since then, I have tried though unsuccessfully, I am not sure how I did it.

I have not been able to replicate that fabulous experience again.

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