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Meaning of the Nine of Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Wands

Detailed meaning of the nine of swords, cups, pentacles and wands, pictures and reversed card interpretation.

The Nines


Attainment. End of a cycle. Purification. Transition.

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Nines

Nine is the last single digit number and it represents the end of a cycle.

It is associated with The Hermit of the Major Arcana which also carries the meaning of compassion, mysticism, charity but also self-deception and confusion.

A prominence of nines in a reading suggests that a phase is reaching an end and you must now learn to let go. Purification and reassessment are in order to proceed and grow.

Nine is considered a magical number because the perfection of three is tripled and it is often associated with divinity.

Meaning of the Nine of Swords


Anxiety. Despair. Anguish. Nightmares.

Tarot Card Definitions

Accumulated stress and anxiety may be causing a negative atmosphere and you may feel trapped by fear and anguish.

Nightmares are disturbing your nights and you feel trapped by worries that poison your daily life.

Maybe the suffering of this difficult situation has grown out of proportion and all you need is an external help to see things in perspective.

Reversed Meaning of the Nine of Swords

The end of suffering. Light at the end of a tunnel. The nightmare is over and your worries were unfounded.

This is a card full of hope that brings the promise of improvement and better times.

Meaning of the Nine of Cups


Contentment. Pleasure. Indulgence. Gratification.

Tarot Card Definitions

This is a very positive card with a joyful feeling to it.

You seem to obtain easily what you want and your dreams are about to come true.

If your question was about romance, there seem to be no problems in your relationship and love flows easily.

There is plenty of energy and resources to turn your ideas into reality.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Vanity. Smugness. Complacency. Overindulgence.

This card reversed is a warning against taking everything for granted. The fact that things are going well doesn't mean that you can relax completely and let go.

This card may indicate a health problem due to overindulgence.

Nine of Pentacles


Self-sufficiency. Material comfort. Well deserved success. Prosperity. Being at ease with oneself.

Tarot Card Definitions

In the Rider Waite deck, this card depicts a woman in a lush garden with a falcon on her hand.

She is alone but she looks in control and at ease, enjoying her garden and her pet.

This card suggests a prosperity and self-sufficiency that have been earned, a right enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

The nine of Pentacles in a reading may point to a hobby or career related to nature and animals.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Your prosperity may be at risk. A business is failing to thrive or bad investments are mining your financial security.

The foundation to your success may be shaky.

There may be problems involving a pet.

Nine of Wands


Strength. Defence. Prudence.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card represents the need to stand your ground. You might have to defend your reputation or stand for your decisions or rights.

The situation may be challenging but you stand on solid ground.

A last effort is required from you to succeed before you can relax, do not give up or change your position.

You might have to recourse to reserves of strength you don't even know you have. Do not underestimate your capabilities.

This card may also suggest prudence, don't lower your guard because not all the difficulties are over.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Low defenses. Weakness.

You are experiencing a low energy level and you might have underestimated the opposition but success is still possible despite your loss of strength.

An illness is possible. You might have to look inside yourself to find the energy you need now.

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