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Love Tarot Reading for Katie

I'm recently divorced. No children. My ex was infertile. He has replaced me before our divorce with another woman and her two children.

A past lover from 13 yrs ago is in my life full contact. He has been in contact with me on phone off and on for the past 13 yrs. Before three weeks ago I had not seen him in 13 yrs.

There was a major connection again with him, his home and friends and family. I went to see him and it was perfect.

My ex husband and ex lover have the same year and birthday date. Essentially I did not plan on that happening but it did.

I'm so confused! I believe my ex lover B. is connected to me in a way my ex husband was not even though they share the same birthday. I just want to validate this soulmate connection with B., I can't explain it, it exists.

It's been 13 yrs. I've never stopped thinking about him or having feelings for him. Recently, seeing him again, I honestly did not expect to still have these feelings as strong and I do.

My question: does my future have B. in it with all his heart? Is he my soulmate?


1. Past
The Strength
You had to tap into your reservoir of inner strength to face your problems.

2. Present
The Judgment
A phase of your life is close to an end and you must prepare for a change and a new beginning. It is time for crucial decision and renewal.

3. Hidden influences
Two of Wands
You may feel restless and anxious while you are waiting for change and progress.

4. Advice
Seven of Pentacles
Although you may feel like you have been wasting time and energy, it is not the case. You are achieving progress.

5. Possible outcome
The World
You'll receive what you deserve. You feel good with yourself and you are about to begin a new cycle in your life. Success is at hand.

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Aug 24, 2013
by: Ernie

Hello Katie:
I am trying to find answers, about if long time ago, relationships. Work out. Seems like that works for you.
Thank you.

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