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I was dating a guy from last year February until this year April 2013 then we broke up.

The reason for the broke up was that I started dreaming about him cheating and chatting with a lot of girls on his phone and sleeping with these girls.

I started to be suspicious a week after I moved in with him and I could see his actions.

He is indeed cheating but because I wanted to be quite sure I checked his phone and exactly what I dreamed about I found in his phone.

After that I alerted him that I knew he was cheating and I told him to stop it but he wouldn't listen.

So in the beginning of April I moved out and two weeks after that I told him it was over and he just said "OK".

Two days after I broke up with him he called me from his work phone and asked if I knew where his identity book was.

I told him to look where he always put it and from there we never communicated again.

After I left him the dreams stopped immediately and I could sleep peacefully again but now, three weeks ago, I started dreaming about him again only now it's about me and him being together.

Sometimes in my dreams I see the two of us living together and sometimes visiting his friends together and we are happy.

Just yesterday I dreamed that we were dating and he talked about having kids with me.

This dreams really confuse me because I don't understand them.

We are not even communicating with each other and it really bothers me as this was a person that I truly loved and disappointed me big time.

Can you please explain to me what this dreams means and why do I dream about my ex-boyfriend so much because a week doesn't pass with me not dreaming about him.


1. Past
Nine of Cups
A major phase of your life came to an end. Take a break now before proceeding.

2. Present
Seven of Pentacles
You may feel you have been wasting your time, you must reassess your situation.

3. Hidden influences
Six of Pentacles
You are about to receive what is rightfully yours.

4. Advice
Four of Wands
Don't give up hope for a stable and fruitful relationship

5. Possible outcome
The Fool
You are about to enter a new phase of your life. A new relationship may be about to start.

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