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Love Tarot for: Still Thinking About Her

I met her in 2001 at a high school party.

I had a crush on her before that but I never talked to her prior. She graduated 2 years before I did.

Even though we would make good eye contact in the hallways at school I graduated in 2001 and she graduated in 1999 before me but she remained on my mind, until the party, which I consider the greatest surprise in my life and a wonderful night...

We had a really good time knowing each other and a great night and really connected, like I was with someone I knew.

I brought her to my house and we saw Halloween on tv and kissed. That was my first kiss, and I could not have chosen a better person to share the experience with.

Needless to say we broke up on my account because I had a drinking problem at the time.

The next year at college I though about her a lot and couldn't look at any other girls.

The most recent interaction I got from her was in 2009 from facebook. She asked me to write her back, but I never did.

I still think about her. I really think in some way she is my soulmate but I could be wrong. I think about her, but I have no idea about her whereabouts. I would love to see her again and treat her nice and special because she was so cool.

Will I ever see her again? I don't want to move on, this was true love. How would she feel? Is something between us still possible?



Five of Cups
You are afraid of betrayal and disappointment but there is still something that can be done about this situation.

Wheel of Fortune
You are ready to start something new but you must be willing to take your chances.

Page of Cups
You are entering a period of emotional renewal and growth. A young and sensitive person is about to enter your life.

Six of Pentacles
Be ready to give and receive, generosity will be repaid.

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