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Love Tarot for Silly Dreamer

We met 7 years ago. Two people from different countries (I am from Europe, he is from India), with different cultures, religions. We both fell in love like mad.

I had a boyfriend with whom I spent 4 years in relationship and we had already been living together(let's call him R.)

I left the boyfriend, wanted to be with him although everything was so unclear and problematic. I am a big cryer and when I was talking with R. about a time to take my things from his place, he started saying that wants me back.

Conversation became emotional, I started crying, my new boyfriend (lets call him G.) saw it and said "go back to him". I was very hurt by this and I did came back to R. I believed R. really loves me, was not so sure about G. since he always was a womanizer.

The problem was, G. never let me go, he was coming back to my life over and over again, we were secretly meeting for an year. God knows how many times I tried to make it over - it didn't work, he didn't let me go, even when I got engaged. I never really believed his feelings, but this day I have proves he really loved me.

About 2 months before my wedding I saw him for the last time in reality. Then we didn't talk for about a year and somehow we started again, this time on internet. It is like a never ending story, we stop talking for a while, the longest period was about 1,5 years, but we always start again.

Now he is back to his country, single. I am married with two kids, living in a foreign country. I guess we have never been emotionally as close as we are now.

Sad thing is we still have feelings to each other but there is no logical way for us to be together (back to culture differences and many other things). I like him being so close and at same time I want him away from my life, heart and mind are fighting inside me every single day.

I want to save my family, I am happy with it, I have more than many could only dream, but at same time I can't be tough enough to end everything with G. or to not think how everything would be if we could get back together.

He always talks believing some day we'll get back together, but he is not taking any actions towards that. Neither am I... I am so confused in this situation...

The question is, how will this situation with G. progress? It is stuck for 6 years in same place now...



Nine of Wands
You created this situation and you feel the strain of it. Did you bite more than you can chew?

Two of Cups
You can now enjoy the comfort of having a family.

Knight of Swords
There is struggle in your life but this card warns you against rash behavior, use your head more than your heart.

The Lovers
You are facing a crucial decision and you must consider carefully the consequences of your behavior. See this period as a test before you can enter a new stage in your life.

Six of Pentacles
Be generous and share your inner reaches without fear.

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Apr 08, 2014
Thank you
by: Silly Dreamer


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