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Love Tarot for Kathleen: Will He Come Back?

Three years ago my heart was broken by a man who asked me to marry him but then he broke up with me I never thought I would find anyone else to fill the void.

Then, earlier this year I met Dennis. He seemed very interested in me but there were two big problems: one was an age gap and the other was we both lived in different states 1300 miles apart.

We had a misunderstanding in June and we drifted apart. I have reason to believe he is involved with someone now but I am skeptical to think it will last.

He keeps popping into my head and I get subtle reminders of him. I can't stop thinking of him I want to know if Dennis still has feelings for me and if he will return to me.


1. Past
The first card shows the past and its influences to the present situation.
Knight of Swords
You started your relationship with excitement and enthusiasm. Was your behavior too impulsive?

2. Present
This card clarifies your present state, feelings and thoughts.
Ten of Cups
Expect to participate to a happy gathering, there is also an opportunity for a journey.

3. Hidden influences
With this card we have a hint about influences that you might have ignored or you are unaware of.
Page of Cups
Happy news is on the way. You are starting a new phase in your emotional life.

4. Advice
The fourth card offers you an advice.
Page of Wands
Keep your eyes open for new, exciting opportunities. It is time for something new and exhilarating.

5. Possible outcome
The last card suggests a possible outcome of the events. This should never be taken with a fatalistic set of mind.
The Emperor
Use your rational mind and direct your actions consciously. Organize your environment in a structured way that will help you achieve your goals.

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