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Love Tarot for Justine

I had a once in a lifetime love (together for 2 1/2 yrs) and it has been over for a year and a half now. He ended it but tried to stay in contact all the while saying he was not interested in a relationship. A year ago I ended that part as I was still interested in working things out. Then he moved on with a new relationship. Obviously that ended around July and he tried to rekindle the relationship with me. Something about it just didn't feel right so I held back and never met with him. So now I wonder if he was sincere about the things he said and still would like to get back together or if I was right in not seeing him. Perhaps he still needs "more time" on working with his own issues or perhaps there is someone else out there for me. Because I keep getting the message to be patient and wait..... But I don't know what I am waiting for. And to top it off I have never gotten over those feelings of love I feel for him. I just want to move on one way or the other and feel at peace again.


Two of Pentacles
Making a decision will release the stress you feel in your life.

A situation is coming to an end and you must prepare for change. It is time to live behind attitudes you have outgrown.

Nine of Wands
Stand up for yourself. There is enough strength in you to face any problem you may encounter.

Old wounds will heal in time. Stay open to new opportunities.

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