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Love Tarot for Dreamcatcher2

I have been in turmoil over a failed relationship with a man I am still very much in love with.

We have known one another since the 6th grade. We were close friends in school but as we grew up we drifted apart and met other people that we married and had children with.

Later in life we found each other again and started a relationship that I thought would last for the rest of our lives.

I lived with him for over 5 years but due to some differences in perspectives, his attitude towards my children and other life issues we grew apart and I eventually packed up and left.

I thought I would be fine without him because for a long time I felt unhappy before I left. Now I find myself missing him and feel that the reasons I thought were valid for leaving at the time were really not so valid after all.

He says hes not ready to jump back into a relationship with me but still has love for me. Says he was too hurt and still not over my leaving him.

I don't understand him or why if he loves me like he says he does that we cant mend what is broken between us.

I'm willing...but his walls are too high for me to climb.

My question is simply this: should I move on and try to get on with my life without him or will he eventually come around and things work out between us?


The Strength
Have faith in yourself and your capabilities. You need to rely on your inner strength, patience and kindness to confront your problems. Learn to channel constructively your passions.

Nine of Pentacles
Learning to be alone will bring emotional maturity and self-reliance. Although you might feel incomplete, using wisely your time of solitude will help your self-esteem.

Four of Swords
It is time to give yourself a break from emotional turmoil. Relaxing and trying to detach from your problems will give you a better perspective.

Five of Cups
You have been involved in a difficult relationship and suffered disappointment but unless you aknowledge your grief and loss, you won't be able to progress. 

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