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Love Tarot for Cyndi

I missed out on the love of my life for various reasons. Now to find another is proving very difficult as I am now 10 years older and deeper in debt..lol..
The angels are by my side all the time but I am not prepared to go out to pubs to look for a partner who may not remember my name the next day.
Dating sites are too expensive and church meet ups prove to be more of a lets talk about so and so and what they get up to.
I do a lot of charitable work and people in need emotional seem to fall into my space continuously.
Life is full but going home alone is difficult. I was married for 28 years, had a very bad break up and then met the love of my life but I did not appreciate what I had as I kept being afraid to commit.
Oh my word what a sad story but I actually am the most outgoing and positive person you can guide.. yes I will find and be grateful if you can just point me in the right direction.

Much warmth and white light



Four of Pentacles
Don’t be afraid of taking risks and let go of what you carefully accumulated.

Ace of Swords
Despite the difficulties something good will emerge. You have the strength for a positive change.

Two of Swords
Don’t be immobilized by incertitude and passivity.

Six of Pentacles
You might receive a gift soon but don’t forget to give in return.

King of Pentacles
There will be a steady progress in your finances. Your hard work and patience will be rewarded. A responsible, reliable man will come to your help.

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