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Love Tarot for Baby Girl

Two and a half years ago, a man from my childhood came back into my life after 24 years. We had reconnected through social media. We went to school together. We even hung out sometimes with each other. One night he gave me my first kiss at the age of 14 and then ran for the hills. I never saw or heard from again, that is until two and half years ago.

He is married with two kids. I am also married with two kids. When we reconnected he had told me that he had loved me and wanted to marry me when we were kids. He wanted to buy a house, take care of me and my mom. The whole time I never knew, just a clueless teenage girl. I asked him why did he run off then? He said he thought I didn't like him. I did though, I just didn't enjoy the taste of cigarettes for my 1st kiss.

We chatted online on a daily basis at least 8 hours a day. Then finally after a whole month we finally started talking over the phone. Our conversations would go on for 4 hours. Like time had never stopped or separated us over 24 years. He told me he loved me, I told him I loved him a week or two later. I knew in my heart the whole time I did, but I held it in. Finally I said it was time for us to meet again (the whole time we live only 45min. away). We met.

After two months of talking we finally meet for the 1st time. His wife found out because of his phone bill and an email I had sent. I thought he would want to break it off but he said no. He would do whatever it takes to keep me in his life or something like that. So we stayed together. We would see each other at least once a week, until it had to move to once a month then back to once a week and so on, due to our other obligations. He bought me a ring for our 1st Christmas and I bought him one as well.

Now these 2 and half years haven't been easy for either of us, but they were full of love. Also full of sadness on my part, due to I just had a hard time being apart, but more so not being able to have as much communication as we did before due to his wife finding out and us having to be more careful.

Over the summer a few things happened like a snowball effect in my life that had nothing to do with him and I. I never told him what happened. Things just made me miss him more. Me being all emotional wrote him a text, instead of being simple, just stating I missed him. I got too wordy. I told him I missed him but wanted more. I was so lonely. I was in love with him. I didn't realize until 2 days later it might have sounded like I was breaking up with him.

I haven't heard from him since. I have sent texts trying to explain, saying I am sorry and so on. He has never responded. It has been two months now without a word from him. The last time I contacted him, I left him a voice mail wishing him a Happy Birthday 20 days ago.

Whether or not it was the text I sent, or even if he took it that way. I am not sure. I am not sure what happened. He also had some things going on in his life in June, where he took a week or two away from talking to each other, but he told me this prior to it happening. I was fine with it because I knew he had problems in his home life that had to be taken care of.

I love him, I always will. I still have this feeling he loves me and wants me. We always said we were the other half of each other. We could always tell what the other was thinking. He taught me a lot about myself and love.

What happened between him and I and does he want to reconcile, make our relationship work again?


Three of Swords
This situation is bringing you sadness and anguish. This card may suggests the need to sever a relationship.

Knight of Wands
Irresponsible and rash behavior is making matters worse. Are you ready for commitment or are you just swept away by emotions?

Queen of Swords
Try to make clear what you really want and need. A period of loneliness may clear your mind and help you regain your center.

Knight of Swords
You might resent limitations imposed by the situation. Get in touch with your deepest feelings and desires before making a decision.

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