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List of Tarot Card Meanings

Print this list of tarot card meanings to keep at hand the meaning of each tarot card for your readings.

List of Tarot Card Meanings:
Major Arcana

0 The Fool
Innocence, freedom, imprudence, purity of heart, extravagance, folly, poor judgement.

1 The Magician
Skill, creativity, imagination, diplomacy, self-confidence, will, originality.

2 The High Priestess
Mystery, secrets, wisdom, science, veiled future, the querent.

3 The Empress
Fruitfulness, fertility, competence, initiative, action, pregnancy, marriage.

4 The Emperor
Power, stability, protection, security, authority, reason, logic thinking.

5 The Hierophant
Tradition, rituals, form, conformism, orthodoxy.

6 The Lovers
Love, attraction, choice, romance, trials, partnership.

7 The Chariot
Control, triumph, travel, progress, determination.

8 The Strength
Courage, determination, power, energy, conviction, moral force.

9 The Hermit
Meditation, prudence, spiritual quest, wisdom, withdrawal.

10 Wheel of Fortune
Sudden change, fate, destiny, fortune, luck, turn of events.

11 Justice
Balance, fairness, negotiations, rightness, legal matters.

12 The Hanged Man
Suspension, sacrifice, pause, new perspective, reversal.

13 Death
Change, end of a cycle, transformation, leaving the past behind, rebirth, renewal.

14 Temperance
Moderation, blending, prudence, tolerance, compromise, intermingling.

15 The Devil
Greed, lust, immoderate desire, trap, limitations, negative thinking.

16 The Tower
Loss of security, change, illumination, collapse, revelation, shocking discovery.

17 The Star
Hope, faith, healing, good prospects, optimism, tranquillity.

18 The Moon
Deception, hidden truth, error, instinctual forces.

19 The Sun
Success, accomplishment, happiness, joy, contentment, fulfillment.

20 Judgement
Development, rebirth, summing up, renewal, outcome, judging and being judged.

21 The World
Completion, end of an era, success, new beginning, triumph, harmony.

List of Tarot Card Meanings:
Minor Arcana


King of Wands
Passion, enterprise, charm, courage, enthusiasm, ambition.

Queen of Wands
Leadership, joy, ambition, career, passion, competence.

Knight of Wands
Creativity, change, ambition, charisma, energy, enthusiasm.

Page of Wands
Good news, courage, vitality, energy, inspiration, excitement, passion.

Ten of Wands
Overload, determination, hard work, pressure, demanding situation, responsibilities.

Nine of Wands
Defense, protection, resisting, stand guard, recover, maintaining position.

Eight of Wands
Speed, quick actions, rapid progress, activity, new ideas, excitement, travel.

Seven of Wands
Take a stand, holding firm a position, courage in adversity, struggle against opposition.

Six of Wands
Victory, success, accomplishment, triumph, conquest, good news.

Five of Wands
Challenge, rivalry, sports, games, healthy struggle, obstacles, sparring.

Four of Swords
Happy event, joyful gathering, achievement, stability, house building, blessings.

Three of Wands
Beginning a new project, creative energy, new job, starting a busyness, new opportunity.

Two of Wands
Opportunity, start of a project, faith, hope in the future.

Ace of Wands
Beginning, new life, birth, new start, fresh ideas, inspiration, procreation, energy, creativity.

List of Tarot Card Meanings:

King of Cups
Compassion, feelings, imagination, elegance, culture, kindness.

Queen of Cups
Nurturing, sensitivity, emotions, dreams, empathy, artistic creativity.

Knight of Cups
Artistic talent, social success, imagination, intuition, opportunity, new love, seduction.

Page of Cups
Invitation, love, attraction, sensitivity, friendliness, inspiration, creativity, kindness.

Ten of Cups
Harmony, happiness, trust, contentment, fulfilling relationship, family joy,

Nine of Cups
Gratification, fulfillment, contentment, prosperity, indulgence, marriage, pleasure.

Eight of Cups
Moving on, leaving past behind, walk away, break ties, parting, disappointment.

Seven of Cups
Daydreaming, confusion, fantasy, illusions, muddled thinking, dispersed energies.

Six of Cups
Happy memories, nostalgia, people from the past, memories, anniversaries, revisiting the past.

Five of Cups
Disappointment, loss, regret, separation, wasted talent, abandon, betrayal.

Four of Cups
Discontent, dissatisfaction, boredom, isolation, apathy, depression, resentment.

Three of Cups
Joy, celebration, reunion, happiness, plenty, harvesting, sharing, merry gathering.

Two of Cups
Sharing, new love, promising relationship, cooperation, union, harmony, commitment.

Ace of Cups
New love, emotional rebirth, spiritual renewal, sensitivity, artistic inspiration.


Ace of Coins from the Marseille deck

King of Pentacles
Sound finances, material progress, satisfaction, control, practicality, stability.

Queen of Pentacles
Prosperity, sensuality, abundance, luxury, wealth, security, fertility.

Knight of Pentacles
Steady progress, common sense, patience, perseverance, reliability.

Page of Pentacles
Financial gain, education, steady progress, persistence, determination.

Ten of Pentacles
Family ties, support, stability, tradition, comfort, sound investments.

Nine of Pentacles
Material comfort, prosperity, self-sufficiency, success, affluence, luxury.

Eight of Pentacles
Work, education, talent, diligent application, new job, financial security, useful skills.

Seven of Pentacles
Steady growth, progress, perseverance, patient work, pay off, assessment.

Six of Pentacles
Charity, gratitude, generosity, giving and receiving, sharing, financial help.

Five of Pentacles
Poverty, disappointment, waste, depression, troubles, lack of hope, moral poverty.

Four of Pentacles
Material possessions, financial security, acquisitions, holding on, financial gains.

Three of Pentacles
First rewards, well employed skills, competence, professional growth, success, diligence.

Two of Pentacles
Juggling obligations, fluctuations, make ends meet, finding resources, change.

Ace of Coins
Solid foundation, good beginning, financial improvement, fertility, prosperity.

List of Tarot Card Meanings:

King of Swords
Rationality, reasonable advice, intelligence, authority, fair decision.

Queen of Swords
Wit, autonomy, ambition, solitude, sharp intellect, analytical mind, independence.

Knight of Swords
Changes, new environment, mental sharpness, fearlessness, swift actions.

Page of Swords
Exciting change, travel, unexpected news, diplomacy, intelligence, mental agility.

Ten of Swords
End of a cycle, failure, end of illusions, depression, negative thinking, loss, hitting bottom.

Nine of Swords
Anguish, despair, guilt, stress, worry, sorrow, fears, nightmares.

Eight of Swords
Oppression, restrictive environment, block, isolation, binding ties, blocked energy.

Seven of Swords
Duplicity, tricks, insincerity, craftiness, manipulation, betrayal, insincerity.

Six of Swords
Moving on, leaving stress behind, welcome change, easing tension, travel.

Five of Swords
Malice, empty victory, gloating, failure, negative thinking, manipulation, destructive attitude.

Four of Swords
Relax, need for rest, retreat, convalescence, regrouping, solitude, withdrawal.

Three of Swords
Heartache, bleeding heart, emotional pain, grieving, separation, loss, rejection.

Two of Swords
Uncertainty, difficult decision, static situation, repressed emotions.

Ace of Swords
Mental strength, new ideas, energy, courage, beginning of success, mental power.

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