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Lenormand Tarot Deck

Discover the Lenormand tarot deck and read about the meaning of each card.
Mademoiselle Lenormand was the author of two famous divinatory card decks: one made of 54 cards and one composed of 36 cards that can be easily used also by beginners and are sometimes found as vintage cards.
These cards, designed during the Napoleonic era have an intuitive symbology that often recalls the classic Marseille deck.
The deck is illustrated with lovely images that give a special feel to these vintage tarot cards.

Who Was Mlle Lenormand?

Without any doubt, she is one of the most famous cartomancy readers of all time.
This legendary card reader was born in 1772 in Alençon, France. She was orphaned at an early age and educated in a convent school.
All historical information about her life and her achievements are actually very controversial because she was especially skillful in promoting her image and abilities with extensive writings.
It is said that her fame started when Josephine Beauharnais, Napoleon’s wife, became a habitual client and was predicted that her husband would become emperor.
Lenormand was also a chiromancer and her reputation soared when she told Bonaparte about his secret wish to divorce his wife. This indiscretion cost the fortune-teller her imprisonment in 1809.
Nevertheless, the time in jail of the resourceful lady didn’t last long, and actually, the episode further added to her fame as a clairvoyant.

Card meanings of Le Petit Lenormand Tarot

1 The Rider

News, travel, movement, and positive change.

2 The Clover

Luck, hope, small gains.

3 The Boat

Long trips, nostalgia, a destination or goal to reach.

4 The House

Very positive card: indicates help and support, family and friends.

5 The Tree

Mental and physical health, protection.

6 The Clouds

Daily worries, unforeseen circumstances.

7 The Snake

Negative card: treason, betrayal.

8 The Coffin

The negative master card that changes the meaning of surrounding cards: radical transformation, end, painful situation.

9 The Bouquet

Achievement, good news, young love.

10 The Scythe

Negative card: sudden changes, suffering, and loss.

11 The Broom and Whip

Arguments and fights.

12 The Birds

Worries, stress, and gossip.

13 The Girl

Positive card that changes in meaning with the surrounding cards: pleasant news are on the way, the future.

14 The Fox

A negative master card modifies the meaning of the reading: lies, fabrications, manipulation.

15 The Bear

Good investments, healthy finances.

16 The Stars

The good card that influences a whole reading: hope and prosperity.

17 The Stork

Travels and movement, changes and renewals.

18 The Dog

Integrity, loyalty, confidence.

19 The Tower

Ambition, isolation, need for protection

20 The Garden

Pleasant social life, new contacts.

21 The Mountain

Obstacles, delays, and blocks

22 The Path

Choice, doubts, impulsive choices.

23 The Rats

Negative master card: betrayal, deceit.

24 The Heart

The positive card that represents feelings and love.

25 The Ring

Union, couple, respecting an agreement.

26 The Journal

Secret wishes, confidential information.

27 The Letter

News, communications.

28 The Gentlemen

An important male figure or the querent, if a man.

29 The Lady

A main female figure or the same consultant if a woman.

30 The Lily

Family, support, intimacy.

31 The Sun

Positive master card: optimism, growth, energy, great luck.

32 The Moon

Illusions, mystery, memories, dreams.

33 The Key

New possibilities, great opportunities

34 The Fish

Positive master card: good investments, profits.

35 The Anchor

Master card that heralds good fortune with matters related to work. Stability, safety.

36 The Cross

Negative master card: suffering, problems.

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