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New to tarot cards? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the card meanings, the layout, the choice of a tarot deck?

I know, there is so much to learn but no need to stress out. The first lesson from tarot is to relax and take one step at the time.

In the course you’ll find out how to choose the best tarot deck for you, what question to ask the cards, how to find the appropriate spread for your question, what is a significator and how to deal with reversed cards, how to get into the groove for an effortless reading, tarot cards interpretation and how to put together all your knowledge and channel your intuition.

Everything you need to start card reading in one place where you can learn tarot free!

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Why every three days? Because this way the information have time to sink in and you can practice your newly acquired skills at a leisurely pace.

7 Steps to Tarot Reading

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