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Knight of Cups - Romeo (Romeo & Juliet)

A picture of Romeo

A picture of Romeo

I believe that Romeo Montague is a good example of the Knight of Cups, showing many of the traits associated with this title.

Throughout the movie Romeo & Juliet (1996), Romeo constantly shows that he is - definitely - a romantic young man.

He constantly pursues Juliet's love, despite knowing that he could very easily get caught. He always dreams of a life with Juliet, and shows his artistic ability through the poetic language he uses to talk to her.

Romeo is also definitely an idealistic person - always striving for perfection and wanting to be good enough for her. He is also very much an intuitive lover, taking things as true even when they may not be. Throughout the movie, as well as the book and other adaptations, Romeo proves to be the definition of a Knight of Cups.

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