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King Tarot Cards Meaning

King tarot cards interpretation, description and meanings you won't forget.

King Tarot Cards Interpretation


Fathers. Mature men.

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Kings

Kings are more likely than the Pages or Knights to symbolize real people in your life, aspects of their personality or sides of your own character. These cards often represent mature, charismatic men.

Several Kings in a spread may indicate a group of men.

Meaning of Each King Tarot Card

Tarot King of Wands


Charisma, leadership. Drive. Ambition. Courage. Loyalty.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card suggests an energetic man of great charisma that is linked to the world of work and business.

He is a strong and mature man and might be able to give you sound advice or practical help.

The King of Wands is an excellent companion, trustworthy and with a charming sense of humor. His ideas are inspiring and he is able to work hard to make them reality.

In an abstract sense this card may point to negotiations and formal financial agreements.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

An overbearing, controlling man.

The King of Wand reversed represents a man of power that is prone to dogmatism, intolerance and stubbornness.

He tends to forget about other people's feelings and needs and is inflexible in his opinions.

Tarot King of Pentacles


A responsible worker. A good manager. Financial stability. Reliability. Patience.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card represents someone who is able to plan ahead, is cautious and reliable.

The King of Pentacles is an excellent administrator, trustworthy and provident.

Also in relationships he is cautious but once you have won his confidence he is loyal and reliable.

He loves beautiful, well made things and is able to gain the financial means to obtain them.

This card may herald a financial success or a promotion.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

This card reversed can represent a miserly person that is able to alienate everyone with his greed and vulgarity.

An excessive prudence or inability to size opportunities can lead this character to financial disaster.

Tarot King of Swords


A cool minded, witty man. An intelligent professional. Rationality and ambition.

Tarot Card Definitions

This card indicates a rational, clever man with an ability for debate and logical argument.

He has a natural attitude for command and authority.

In his social life he can be charming and entertaining but sometimes he lacks of warmth for his inability to express emotions.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

A sarcastic person. A manipulator.

The reversed King of Swords can represent a sarcastic, cynical man that is able to inflict damage with his destructive remarks.

He can also be a malicious man that likes to manipulate the others through clever lies.

Tarot King of Cups


An emotional, visionary man. Charisma. Sophistication. Empathy, compassion


Tarot Card Definitions

The suit of cups symbolizes emotions, creative imagination and, as usual, the King tarot card of the suit sums up all these elements.

In the Rider Waite deck, we find this king tarot card pictured as comfortably sitting on a throne, completely surrounded by the stormy ocean of emotions. In the turmoil of the waters, he remains calm, centered and focused. The king doesn’t get wet despite the turbulent waters but he acts as a perfectly stable anchor and a man in control of his feelings. 

In the background we see a ship and a lively, jumping fish, symbol of a rampant creativity. Around the Kings' neck hangs a fish shaped jewel. 

This king wears plain clothes not an armor, clearly he is more a lover than a fighter.

The personality of the tarot King of Cups can be magnetic and alluring. He is very intuitive and engaging on an emotional level. This card speaks of a creative and often unconventional personality that can sometimes turn moody and unpredictable but never boring.

In an abstract sense this card may point to arts and cultural activities.

He could be a father that in a crisis doesn’t loose his cool, he keeps his emotions for himself and doesn’t share his feeling and motives to protect his family. Or, this card may symbolize a professional, cultivated man serenely offering advice in a troubled situation or again an emotionally stable, mature man offering understanding and assistance.

The King of Cups can be also a charismatic visionary, the perfect diplomat, or a spiritual master in tune with emotions but a little out of touch with physical realities.

In any case this is a well loved king, he rules by consent, inspires others and wins their love with understanding and intelligence more than with intimidation. This king is caring, popular, benign and approachable. He puts his people first and genuinely likes to help others. 

He is a visionary who believes in fundamental human goodness and  supports those close to him. His gift for dealing with emotions makes him a talented actor, a therapist, an artist or a resourceful diplomat.

If this card represents a situation more than a person, it can symbolize the positive outcome of an artistic search or interest.

Reversed King Tarot Card

A King of Cups reversed or in negative position can be someone skillfully playing with other people’s emotions.As a character, he can be a dangerously charming manipulator or a difficult to tackle narcissistic personality. 

This King wants to be loved and is easily depressed by disapproval. In adverse conditions he can turn capricious and unfairly favor the ones he loves. The reversed sides of this charming character can be anger bursts, compulsive flirtatiousness and moodiness.

If this card represents a situation more than a real person, it may be telling us that it is time to leave behind a relationship with an older person and move onto something new. The king of cups reversed may indicate a tendency to depression and addiction.

This card can refer to an unfaithful partner, so involved in his own confused feelings to be unable of a mature relationship.

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