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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Discover the Justice tarot card meaning, the 11th of Major Arcana tarot cards.

Justice Tarot Card Symbolism

This card depicts a woman holding a scale and a sword, a familiar figure we associate with justice although she is now blindfolded to represent the impartiality of the law.
The sword in the woman’s right hand represents the power of discrimination that helps man go beyond the chaos and discern the truth.
It is held upright like a scepter and as one it is made of gold to emphasize its importance and value.
The scale in the left woman’s hand symbolizes the karmic balance that must be maintained.
The scale is level and empty, ready to accept the duality of human nature. It represents how the information needs to be equally considered for it is man’s task to create harmony between contrasting forces.
In the Waite deck, Justice is like the High Priestess, sitting between two pillars that hold a veil.
The position of The Justice in the list of tarot card meanings is controversial. In the Marseille deck, the card is numbered eight, in other decks, it is numbered eleven.
Placing The Justice between the triumphant Chariot and the introspective Hermit stresses the transitory nature of worldly glory.
Nevertheless, also the eleventh position, between the perpetual motion of the Wheel of Fortune and the stillness of the Hanged Men seems an appropriate place for a card of balance.

Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: Balance, equilibrium. Legal affairs. Arbitration. Order. Careful choices. Rationality. Legal agreements.

It is time for a careful choice or decision that has to be made with rationality. This card suggests calm and balance.
You are able to consider the facts with fairness and write a well-thought list of pros and cons and finally make an educated decision.

Tarot Card Interpretation

If your question is about legal affairs, the result will be a fair agreement and, if your requests are reasonable, the matter will be resolved to your satisfaction.
Reason and justice will prevail. You will receive apologies if you deserve them but if you acted unfairly you’ll have to face the consequences of your actions.


Solicitors, judges. Accountants. Legal authorities. Someone who must make a choice.

Reversed Justice Tarot Card Intepretations

Keywords: Unfair trial. Delayed justice. False accusations. Difficult negotiations. Failing an exam.

The course of justice may be delayed. You may receive unfair or biased treatment or authority may be corrupt and commit power abuse.

Tarot Interpretation

You may be falsely accused and find yourself in a difficult position.
You are confronted with a difficult decision and you can’t make up your mind.
If you are taking an examination, the results may be disappointing and inconsistent with your real preparation.


Manipulators. Unfair judges. Biased people. False accusers.

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