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Judgment Tarot Card

The judgment tarot card meanings are controversial. Read in this page an engaging tarot card interpretation of this image.

Tarot Symbolism

In The Judgment tarot we see Gabriel blowing his horn to rise the dead after a dreadful destruction.

This image is common to many different cultures, it suggests a rebirth or resurrection after a cataclysmic event.

A catastrophe, announced by portentous events, is considered necessary as a mean of purification to wipe out the old world and allow a positive transformation.

This symbolism is enacted in rituals of passage where the neophyte has to undergo trials and often physically pass through darkness before being reborn to a new life.

The Judgment card is the last test for the Fool before The World, the card of fulfillment and completion at the end of his journey.

Tarot Card Meanings


Rebirth, rejuvenation. A transition. Rite of passage. An important choice. Graduation.

Tarot Card Interpretation

This tarot card can signify an awakening.

You are able to see things clearly and thanks to renewed energies you are able to make good decisions to better enjoy life.

These decisions are pressing and inevitable to progress in your life’s journey and they will have a positive result.

if you are concerned about your career, this card may indicate a change or a promotion.

It is a time of transition at the end of a cycle but after a painful change you can expect something exciting and interesting.

In terms of health The Judgment can announce healing and health restoration.


Judges. Examiners. Arbiters. Mediators

The Judgment Tarot Card Reversed


Delayed decision. Fear of change.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The meaning of this reversed card may refer to fear of death and major life changes.

An important choice is being delayed because you can’t make up your mind, you don’t feel prepared or you are unable to let go of your old role.

Every transformation involves some kind of loss but, because of this delayed decision, you may miss something important.

In a relationship this card could refer to a momentary separation.


Someone sitting on a fence. Irresolute people.

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