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Is There Any Love Coming?

by Montse

Hello! I feel down and I need a free love tarot reading.
I am in my forties and there is no love in my life. I would like to know if there is any love coming soon.


Sometimes, when we feel lonely, we ask ourselves if there is something we could do to call love into our lives, something we could change in our behavior or in the way we relate with the others.

I hope this tarot cards reading will be of help.

1st Card: You now
The Emperor
The use of rational thought will lead you to success. Be aware of excessive domination in romantic relationships.

2nd Card: What you are looking for
The Devil
It is time to confront your personal demons. Something is slowing you down. Letting go of old habits can be difficult but it is essential for your progress. Are you victim of unhealthy attachments or consuming conflicts that limit your personal growth?

3rd Card: What you must learn
Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups is asking you to trust your emotions and sensitivity. Accept your intuition and inner knowledge. Examine your feelings and learn to receive kindness from someone who cares about you.

4th Card: What you can offer
The Judgement
It is time for renewal and change. A cycle has come to an end and you can offer yourself a new beginning. Examine your past and give yourself a fresh start. You are facing important choices.

5th Card: What you must to accept
The Star
Learn to accept hope and healing. Let your star guide you to inspiration and happiness. The star is a very positive tarot card, it heralds peace and quiet optimism.

6th Card: How to find love
Page of Wands
Tap into your potential for change and creativity. Optimism and courage will help you start something new. With the right attitude you'll be able to find love and opportunities in your life.

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