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Is It HIm?

by Christine

I would be grateful to anyone who could answer this question for me.
Lately, I've been receiving communication from this man at night who tells me that he is my future husband. He has told me his name, what he looks like, what he does for a living, what ethnicity, cultural background he is from. And I've also been given a very clear vision of what he looks like and even where we will meet. He has even told me when we will meet.
My question is: - What insight can you give me about this situation concerning my connection/communication with my future husband?-

Thank you so much for all your answers.

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Sep 08, 2015
Free Reading for Christine
by: Anonymous

Hello Christine,

I drew the following cards for you.

The Sun- This card indicates that your intuition is bright like the light of day, meaning that you see all as if it were in the day time.

Page of Swords- You have been receiving messages from your future husband. Yes, this is possible because we are all connected at the God level and the time before sleep is when people are most receptive to psychic phenomena.
This card also indicates a stable young man, or, one who looks young, on all levels.

The Chariot- He will come into your life when you have resolved all of your problems and have come out on top.
This card might also indicate the time period of Cancer, June 22-July 22. But keep in mind that you have free will and can speed up or slow down these results with your choices and actions.

The World-This card indicates a positive yes. He is communicating with you and you are communicating with him back. It also indicates that your life will come full circle and that you will be starting a new stage of life when you meet him.
So everything that he tells you is true. Keep in mind that sometimes when we are communicating to another being through God, it is possible to misinterpret the details, because none of us are perfect communicators.
So what he tells you is mostly true even though you might have misinterpreted it in some way.

Hope you liked your reading.

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