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I Love Angel Therapy

by Tammy

My life fell apart in 2012.

My husband had an affair and my daughter( then 15) was with him when he did it.

He left and my child went to live with him and would not see or speak to me.

I then got the news that i had cervical cancer. I underwent chemotherapy and had to have a complete hysterectomy. My son was with me through the whole thing and has been my reason for living.

I moved to the city so that I could attend college to try and get some papers so that I might get to Australia.

Whilst in the city a friend of mine started to give me angel therapy and did some angel card readings for me. At a time when i felt lost and insecure. The angel cards have helped me to feel confident and i often look to them for guidance.

My ex recently died of a heart attack and my daughter is back living with me after two years of not wanting to know me.

She has been to an angel reading and it is helping her with her grief and helping us to repair our relationship.

The Angel therapy too has helped my son deal with his insecurities and issues of feeling abandoned when his father left.

The messages are amazing and always seem to be right on the button.

I love the Angel message cards by Doreen Virtue.

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