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I have a Warrior Angel son

by Colisa Spykes
(Leonard, TX)



My son crossed over on March 25th 2012.
No need for the details :) I don't want to go to that place right now.

He had for many years known he did not belong on Terra Firma as a human, he always felt out of place, and I understood. He did try to be the best he could be, and to make the best of his time here. I wished I had known then what I know now about Soul Contracts, and the plans we make before we are born; it would have made our time together easier.

When he crossed, I needed to KNOW that he was okay, that he made it to Heaven.... never mind church people's beliefs that we are not supposed to make contact with the loved ones crossed...
It took me some time to get out of the mind numbing pain of my grief, but when I did I was able to hear him, feel him share his signature hug <3

As time has gone by, People I care about online that have been in a hard situation and have mentioned being aware of the presence of a young Blonde man with piercing blue eyes... when I share a photo of my son with these people, they are awed, amazed and honored that he came to help them. There to ease a fur kid crossing over and comfort the fur kid's human... He has been to help chase negative back out of homes... he has helped a dream healer help a boy in drug rehab....
His biggest assistance came when he called out a medium in a group we belong to contact me for a message, he wanted me to find and forgive the young man that hit him... When I messaged the young man on Facebook, he replied almost as soon as I hit send.... it turns out that this young man was struggling with the guilt and had decided to make his exit from this life that very morning... his family had removed anything they thought he could complete the mission with and were on watch....
while talking to this boy, it became evident that he felt Alex's presence pushing and prodding him to finish his schooling and quit drinking... two months later this young man found out he was going to be a father....

I miss his bright blue eyes and his smart alecky self right here, But he is blooming into an amazing warrior angel for Heaven

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