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Dec 01, 2014
by: Stephnacole

This is my card as well. I agree with every word you've said!

I am Aquarius through and through. I am the water bearer an air sign and described in astrology as the supreme being.

I am a contradiction as my planets are Uranus/rebellion and Saturn/karma. Nonconformity describes the queen of swords because she is air/fixed opinions and nobody can make her follow the leader.

She gains knowledge on her own. Her ways are tabu today but it will be logic 100yrs from now. I've been told I make work out of work but its done without short cuts.

The sword is her tongue. Brutally honest. Hilarious. Kind. Vicious. All in honesty. I don't know if you're Aqua but this card matches a non sheltered 30 something female Aquarian.

Eyes wide opened. Thank you!

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