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How to Read Tarot Cards

Learn how to read tarot cards with this quick start guide. Your intuition and simple tarot card reading instructions and is all you need to start an enlightening adventure.

How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself

Reading for yourself is like having a conversation with some part of yourself that doesn’t usually have a chance to emerge and be heard.
This dialogue can help us capture our unconscious thoughts and get to understand our reality.
Nevertheless, reading for ourselves presents some challenges, it is easy to twist the message of the cards to our wishes or get blinded by anxiety.
It’s wise to read for ourselves only if we are calm, detached about the question, and in a serene frame of mind.

When Not to Read for Yourself

If you feel angry, upset, or tired your mind won’t be sharp enough to do a useful reading.
Be especially aware of falling into the trap of doing compulsive, repeated readings to get to the hidden message of the cards.
This will only confuse you further and will hardly help you in any way.

Fortune Telling for Beginners

Can we see the future in the cards?

As the future springs from the present, tarot can help us examine our present and the possible future consequences of our current actions, when listening to our inner omnipotent being. 

We can use the information to direct our choices and bring to conscience any behavioral pattern that stands in the way of our journey to growth and freedom.

Prepare for a Reading

It is useful to maintain an attitude of respect and acceptance of the cards’ message.
Quieting the mind with whatever ritual works for you will help you tap into your intuitive resources
Decide right at the beginning if you are going to read reversed cards.

You can decide to choose a significator as a card that represents the querent.

Traditionally the cards are spread on a silk cloth or a smooth surface to protect them and then stored in a special box or bag tarot card accessory

Find a quiet corner, get rid of the clutter that can cloud your mind’s clarity. Turn off all distractions: phone, TV but also your inside chatter.
Maintaining a ritual like lighting scented candles or incense to concentrate, will help you get in the right mood. Deep breathing can help you relax and be receptive.

Asking the Right Question

Right down the question when learning how to read tarot cards, especially if you are reading for yourself: this will help you clarify your mind and keep focused.

The answer will be as clear as the question is. It is worth spending some time to formulate a meaningful question.


Choosing a Tarot Spread

Start with simple layouts, how to read tarot cards depends more on the power of the question than the number of cards in front of you.
A basic but powerful reading method is the one card tarot. It will put you in touch with the tarot meaning and will give you direct answers to well-posed questions.

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

While you shuffle, think about the question.
Take your time when you mix the cards, this is a precious moment to center yourself and enter a meditative state of mind.
There are various methods for shuffling the tarots and they are all right, just choose the one you feel more comfortable with.
You can scramble the deck face down, fan it out and choose your cards.
Some readers like to use their non-dominant hand for this process to set in motion their intuitive part of the brain.
If you prefer, shuffle the cards like an ordinary deck of playing cards. Then, cut the deck with your non-dominant hand, pull from the top of the deck as many cards as your spread demands, and lay them out in the required pattern.

Have a general look at the cards: is one suit dominant? Is there a prominence of Major Arcana? Are most cards upside down? Follow these tarot card reading instructions to find out. 

Stay open and let your notions about tarot, merge with your intuition and instinctive interpretation of the images.
How to read tarot cards is a process of combining your conscious reasoning with your instinctive feelings.
If you get stuck consult a book or our pages for tarot meanings and interpretations.

How to Read Tarot Cards for Others

Reading for friends is a great opportunity to practice with a forgiving audience.

Ask if there is a specific question the querent would like to ask and, if necessary, help the person define and clarify the query, by using this tarot card reading instruction.

Shuffle the deck and ask the querent to cut it.
Sometimes the cards will speak to you with amazing clarity and you just have to put into words the message.
But occasionally the tarot spread will be difficult to interpret and you’ll need to ask for more information to help you decode the message.
The questions you’ll ask will help the querents in a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment, once they understand that actually, the answer is within themselves more than in the cards.
Think of yourself as a mere facilitator or a translator. Describe what you see in the cards, share your impressions, offer your insights and invite the person to participate in the reading with personal interpretations.
Let the querent explore the cards and give a personal input while discovering situations and real people in the reading.
A collaborative reading can have unexpected and enlightening results for both of you.
Never underestimate the power of your words on other people. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Reading is an opportunity to help others, instill confidence and hope.

When Not to Read Tarot for Others

Don’t waste your energy in a reading for someone who is only testing your abilities. The message will go lost and it will be a waste of time for both of you.
Decline when someone seems too dependent on you, is desperate for directions, or insists on an emergency reading.
More often than not a troubled atmosphere won’t let you see clearly and may lead to an uncomfortable and ultimately frustrating experience.

More Tips

Review the meaning of each tarot card in this memory jogging list of tarot card meanings

Connecting with yourself and learn the language of your dreams and their symbols can be of great help in this discovery. 

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