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How Archangel Michael Helped me.

by Rudrashankar Mitra

So there was this one time during my exams I had a terrible time with my eyes, especially the left one.

It was the night before my final exam and was extremely painful itchy and what not. I had this feeling that I was getting blind all of a sudden as I couldn't open my eye.

I didn't know what to do and decided to resort to Angels and Gods for help. I prayed to Lord Shiva and the Angels and especially Archangel Michael because I read that he is the Angel of Healing.

I prayed to them, and put my hands on my eye and suddenly felt like a divine hand on my eye. It felt like some divine energy was being poured inside my eye and walla - my eye started healing.

The next morning I woke up with an almost cured eye. It was just watery and all the irritation was all gone. I am forever grateful to Archangel Michael for his divine blessings and for being with me.

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