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The High Priestess

The tarot meaning of the High Priestess refers to her role as custodian of a spiritual power.

Tarot Symbolism

The High Priestess from the Marseille Tarot deck

The Priestess or Papess represents the archetype of the virgin daughter.

The Papess holds a book in her hand to symbolize her knowledge but she is veiled to preserve her secrets from uninitiated eyes.

The Papess is often represented with a moon at her feet or over her head.

This mysterious and fascinating figure is linked to the moon and its influence on our feelings, intuitions and deepest instincts.

This card is the counterpart of the previous, The Magician. The Priestess reigns over the spiritual side of life while the magician presides the material world.

Meaning of The Papess


Intuition. Spiritual power. Hidden influences. Mysteries. Premonitory Dreams. Subconscious knowledge. Sexless love. Changeable moods.

Tarot Card Interpretation

The High Priestess is asking you to look behind appearances, listen to your inner feelings and dreams. She may be announcing the manifestation of your inner emotions.

The Papess is encouraging you to be patient, to trust your instinctual knowledge and develop your intuition.

Maybe it is time to let your emotions come to the surface, meditate and understand better your deeper feelings.

This card may represent a wise women helping you discover your inner self.

Suddenly a hidden aspect of a situation can be clarified. Further education can help you discover a new side of yourself.

In health matters this cards relates to body fluids and digestion.


A single woman. A daughter or a sister. A nun or religious woman. An intuitive person. An idealized lover.

The High Priestess Reversed


Loosing contact with inner needs. Repressed feelings. Hidden enemies. Out of control emotions.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Things are happening beneath the surface and you need to stand back and think before you act.

Wait until the situation makes itself clear and don’t ignore your deep needs. Pay attention to your true feelings.

There can be hidden enemies. Someone may work against you, trusting your intuition is your best line of defense.


Secret enemies. Manipulative people. Emotionally troubled woman.

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