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Guardian Angel in El Paso, Texas

by Erica
(Picture Rocks, AZ, US)

As a teenager, I was super rebellious, and at one time, my aunt was getting married in El Paso, TX., we traveled there from Arizona and made it to the preliminary parties, etc.
The groom's daughter was planning a trip across the border into Juarez, Mexico one evening, and I went along. We drank $0.25 tequila shots all night, but when it was time to take the tram back across the border, she was nowhere to be found. I didn't know where my hotel was, I didn't even know where the car was. (I drove)
I was headed somewhere along the interstate, and had to pull over somewhere and get ill. While I was hanging on to the bumper of my car, being sick, a very large African-American man walked to me and told me everything would be ok.
He got into the car with me, I felt instantly sobered up, He got me to my hotel, then disappeared into thin air when I turned to thank him.
I believe my life was saved that night.

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