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Grandma and Her Angels

by Quimita Quintanilla
(Martinsville, Indiana USA)

I have just recently awoke from a long sleep. I am an empath and carry several gifts. I am a divine spark of light created by our Divine One. I do have contact with my ancestors in dreams.

My grandmother passed away 4 years ago. Before she crossed over, she kept telling my aunt's look at the trees outside the window. Then she said there were a lot of Angels in the trees.

My aunt's did not see them. Then my grandma kept saying there were two of them at her bedside. She said they kept telling her they loved her.

One of my aunt's asked her what they looked like and she told her they were beautiful. One was in a purple dress with really pretty long brown hair, the other one was in a red dress with long blonde hair.

Said they kept reassuring her that they loved her and that everything was going to be okay. Over about 20 minutes of her talking to the Angels she passed without any struggle.

I am so glad that she was able to see and talk to them and my aunt's before she left. She was living proof that Angels do exist.

One of my Aunt's recorded the last 20 minutes of my grandma talking to them and the Angels. So I would really love to have a deck of you cards. Many Blessings. Thank you.

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