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Golden Tarot Deck

The Golden Tarot deck is the beautiful fruit of true labor of love. The cards are a collection of collages from lesser known paintings of the Renaissance and Middle Ages.


The result of the author's work, is a stunningly beautiful tarot deck, rich with vivid images that speak to the imagination. 

The goal of Kat Black, the author, was to create a tarot deck that looked antique but could be easily interpreted and, I must say, this deck hits the target.

The Golden Tarot deck follows the classic structure of the Rider Waite tarots. 

It is composed of the standard 78 cards but, unlike most antique decks, also the pip cards are fully illustrated to highlight the tarot meaning.

Kat Black achieved to create a deck that genuinely looks antique but at the same time offers effortless interpretation.

The characters of the imagery possess the serene beauty and composure typical of the artwork of that period.

Other images like the ones on the Devil or the Nine of Swords cards, transmit anguish and terror powerfully.

The Imagery convey the meanings of the tarots on an intuitive level making interpretation effortless. 

Each image has been composed digitally, using elements from period artwork, creating an original and visually captivating artwork that looks as if it was composed that way in the first place.

I can only imagine the painstaking work it must have taken to research on the web the right images and then compose them into a digital collage, especially considering that the pictures  may very so much in size. 

The images are collected from artwork dating from the period between 1200 and 1500 AD and as it is typical of the times, they are manly of religious subject but they fit seamlessly with the tarot theme.

Golden Tarot Deck Review

This deck surprised me with luxurious gilded edges, it is of high quality, easy to handle and shuffle.

It comes in a robust box complete with a booklet that offers fresh insights about each card meaning.

Both the cards and the book fit nicely in the box, always a nice touch that makes it easy to store the deck and carry it around.

At the end of the booklet, in the appendix, are cited all the paintings and image sources for each card, in itself a major undertaking considering the vast number of paintings used in the collages.

U.S. Games System has done a lovely job with the production of this tarot deck: the Golden tarot is at the same time beautiful, antique looking and easy to interpret, the perfect deck for the art lover.

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